Mohican State Pool | Loundonville, OH| Fence Installation

Mohican State Pool

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

- Loundonville, OH - 

IAP removed the existing 5 ft. fence and replaced it with a new mesh chain link fence with industrial strength galvanized links. The fence was approximately 700 linear feet long and 6 ft. tall with four 3 ft. by 6 ft. access gates.

Government Center Security Renovation

Butler Township

- Dayton, OH - 


IAP enhanced security measures for this building by installing door entry and under-counter emergency help systems. Additionally, we replaced existing drywall and glass with bulletproof options. We worked with the client to find appropriate times to close so as not inconvenience those who utilize the lobby.

ProWatch Security System Installation

Ohio Department of Administrative Services

- Columbus, OH - 

IAP replaced the facility's Winpak security system with a new ProWatch 6000 System using the ProWatch 4 application. We worked around the client’s time restrictions, working between 6:00PM and 5:00AM.

Coliseum Door Upgrade

Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

- Columbus, OH - 

IAP removed existing double doors and frames on each side of the building. A total of seven sets of doors and frames were replaced.  Several double doors included windows around their frame.

Leetonia Security Upgrade

Leetonia Community Public Library

- Leetonia, OH - 

IAP installed six cameras and a DVR alongside the existing server. We were responsible for obtaining and securing all permits for this project. An property damaged during the installation process were repaired or replaced.


IAP Government Services Group