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Circleville City Schools | Circleville, OH | Parking Lot Repair


Repair & Replace Concrete

Ohio Department of Public Safety

- Columbus, OH - 

IAP coordinated the replacement and repairs of the damaged concrete at the Centre School, Hilltop Educare Center.


Activity-Therapy Parking Lot

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

- Orient, OH - 

IAP managed the removal and replacement of 3,600 sq. yd. of asphalt. We also managed the restriping of the parking lot and the replacement of damaged curbs.


Clear Creek Park Access Roads & Trails

Columbus Metro Parks

- Rockbridge, OH - 

IAP managed the repair and the resurfacing of the Barnaby Access Road, Valley View Parking Area, and the Ironwood Parking Area. We managed the painting and res-striping process of the cross walks, parking spaces, medians, and existing pavement markings.

Battelle Darby.jpg

Battelle Darby Roads & Trails

Columbus Metro Parks

- Galloway, OH - 

IAP coordinated the cleaning, prepping, and resurfacing of the existing bike and pedestrian trails, driveway, and access roads. We also coordinated the repairs to both concrete and asphalt surfaces.


Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library Parking Lot

Vinton County Libraries

- McArthur, OH - 

IAP managed the design and paving of the new parking area, managing the replacement of the previous gravel parking lot. We coordinated the installment of a privacy fence and rubber bumpers at the site as well.


Huron Boat Ramp Lot

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

- Huron, OH - 

IAP coordinated the cleaning process to ensure it was thorough. We managed the application of  hot crack sealant to existing asphalt areas. The area was sealed and restriped. IAP ensured that the boat ramp would remain open during construction.


Circleville City Schools Parking Lot

Circleville City Schools

- Circleville, OH - 

IAP managed the milling and resurfacing of approximately 8,305 sq. yd. of asphalt concrete. We coordinated the installation of  1,050 linear ft. of 18 in. curb and 2,250 linear ft. of 4 in. tile drain before managing the restriping of the parking lot ensuring that it was compliant with necessary regulations.

alliance sealcoat.jpeg

Alliance Seal Coat

Adjutant General of Ohio

- Alliance, OH - 

IAP oversaw the process of filling cracks and repairing the existing lot at the Ohio Army National Guard facility. The lot was then sealed using two coats. All lines were restriped with traffic striping paint with glass bead.


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