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Facilities to get children and families

ready for school and for life 

Your Project,Your Way

Ensuring that children and families are on the correct path with their health, well-being, and readiness for school is essential. Unfortunately, students face many distractions with leaky roofs, splintering or cracked floors, and hot, cramped classrooms. 

IAP Government Services Group is committed to creating quality facilities for your children and families so they can experience continuous growth. Every family deserves the best chance to succeed. Your facility should contribute and supplement the student learning experience, not distract from it. As your turn-key management solution, we will work with you to create a facility that your students and faculty can be proud of. 

Check out our references:

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Common Projects



Does your facility need an updated?

Jones Roof After.jpg


Got leaks? Missing shingles? Weather damage?



Potholes and cracks wearing down your vehicles?

Air Duct

What’s in your air?: Air Filtration & Risk Mitigation

Have you thought about the air you are breathing? What contaminants might you be breathing in? Air filtration is a valuable asset to any risk mitigation plan, preventing the spread of illness and other airborne contaminants.


Falling through the cracks: When should I pave?

Parking lots, trails, and other asphalt areas may seem like easy and quick construction projects, but they are more complex than most people realize. Various types of problems can arise with your asphalt including Alligator Cracks, Potholes, and more.


Playing it Safe: Playground Maintenance

Unfortunately, many playgrounds will fall victim to the elements or constant wear and tear, leading to possibly unsafe facilities. Without proper maintenance, even a once-safe playground can lead to injuries.

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